Billie Hughes is a New Yorker who proudly celebrates her Montana roots. Her love of fresh air, quality coffee and authentic truth-telling makes her well suited for the work on which she now focuses: helping others create a life they love!

A former social worker, Billie soundly understands the power of how a person expresses her/himself. Expressions affect a person’s perspective, lifestyle and choices as well as how happy or fulfilled someone feels.

Billie’s warmth, patience and kindness  is coupled with unparalleled creativity and proven stategies to help clients find what they seek.  Maybe it is:
-a sustainable practice of de-stressing and relaxation?
-clarification of goals?
-deeper communication skills?
-healthy lifestyle shifts?
-finding an approach to take on the world confidently?

Billie is an expert in exploring powerful expressions and works with clients and private groups to find what they seek, in a personalized, creative, thoughtful, innovative setting.