Each bird reflects and symbolizes grand personal characteristics.*
May those who surround this baby encourage him to grow into his best self and continue to cultivate and realize their dreams for greatness too!

Chickadee = Optimism
Hummingbird = Joy
Swan = True Self, Loyalty
Dove = Peace, Hope

I felt so inspired and full of love when I brainstormed, designed and crafted this “Birds of Greatness Mobile” for a dear friend after the birth of her first son.  I wanted to created this piece with the vision of surrounding this beautiful baby with greatness and bestowing these qualities onto him.  In choosing the birds for the mobile, I selected attributes that (in my opinion) great people embody.

I decide which qualities and birds I wanted to feature, then drew patterns, carefully selected the fabics and placement and then hand-stitched each bird.  I envisioned this precious babe receiving lovely blessings and goodness with each nap he took.

* each bird relates to or embodies different meanings depending on cultural beliefs