Expressive Endeavors

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Cool It Spray

Summer in New York City is beautiful, full of energy and activity…and HOT.  When I first moved to NYC (in August), I didn’t expect the extreme humidity.

I’ve found a fun, easy, non-toxic way to cool down and feel fresh.
Made with doTERRA essential oils, this minty fresh spray can be used all day long!  Spray it on the back of your neck, on your pulse points and on your face to re-invigorate you and help you chill out.  It is also a great breath freshener, when sprayed in your mouth.

Interested in learning more about essential oils?  Contact me!

Cuddle Monsties

It’s the Monster Mash!  Each cuddly pal is unique & carefully designed.  They provide companionship, entertainment & endless educational opportunities!

Baby Whale Stuffie

Designed from scratch, this little whale was made with love!

Personalized with a silky taggie and crunchy sounding fins, this little guy was a definite favorite for a perfect little three month old!

Snuggle Scarf

I made this adorable scarf for a fantastic four-year-old!  I used super soft yarn and customized it to her current “top favorite colors.”  Here was the break-down: #1-turquoise, #2-purple, #3-red, #4-white, #5-black. 🙂  Four out of five isn’t bad!

Birds of Greatness Mobile

Each bird reflects and symbolizes grand personal characteristics.*
May those who surround this baby encourage him to grow into his best self and continue to cultivate and realize their dreams for greatness too!

Chickadee = Optimism
Hummingbird = Joy
Swan = True Self, Loyalty
Dove = Peace, Hope

I felt so inspired and full of love when I brainstormed, designed and crafted this “Birds of Greatness Mobile” for a dear friend after the birth of her first son.  I wanted to created this piece with the vision of surrounding this beautiful baby with greatness and bestowing these qualities onto him.  In choosing the birds for the mobile, I selected attributes that (in my opinion) great people embody.

I decide which qualities and birds I wanted to feature, then drew patterns, carefully selected the fabics and placement and then hand-stitched each bird.  I envisioned this precious babe receiving lovely blessings and goodness with each nap he took.

* each bird relates to or embodies different meanings depending on cultural beliefs

Lemon + Lime Squeeze-y Apron

I love this lemon & lime apron…  I saw this fabric and decided I had to have it and make something delightful.

I chose the coordinating lime + white polka dot fabric for the bias tape.  I knew it was a lot of work to make bias tape, but really didn’t understand.  My aunt who knows (and loves me) tried to explain the process and the amount of work involved…she lovingly tried to talk me out of making the bias tape, when I could easily sew on pre-cut, pre-measured, pre-folded, pre-pressed, pre-EVERYTHING bias tape.

BUT, because I was fully committed to (and completely in love with) the polka dot fabric…I made homemade bias tape!  Hello! So time consuming.  It was a great decision though – so cute!  This apron was a gift for a fantastic seamstress (my mom) who truly understood the labor of love…and loved the personalized tag!

Birdie + Twiggie Pillow

Designed to match new & luscious bedding, this pillow was handcrafted and embroidered with the goal of bringing nature’s gift inside.
Tweet tweet, I’m so sweet!