a project.
women inspired by truth: authentic seeking & sharing

I am a woman who is seeking authenticity, truth, inspiration, joyful release and passion.  I’ve been on this quest for what seems to be my entire life, asking questions and gathering truths and wisdom along the way.  I often uncover or recognize learnings in the most unintentional and surprising ways or in unconventional circumstances.  I often dig deeply into seemingly superficial experiences with the fervor of a miner with a sharp pickaxe, eager to discover deeper and relevant meaning for my life.  I often uncover nuggets of very valuable stuff, which motivates me to continue seeking, asking, sharing, receiving.

My quest for learning and growing has always been an individual one, where I’ve valued and relied on a strong and carefully cultivated community of trusted confidants.  I learn from others’ experiences, gaining perspective and purpose from each shared story.  Sometimes wisdom is relevant and available immediately and sometimes it becomes useful many years after the sharing took place.  Isn’t timing an amazing thing?

Because personal growth and inspiration is a highly individualized and at times a private endeavor, I felt compelled to gather truths, wisdoms, learnings and inspirations from a variety of women – with the altruistic goal of offering experiences to aid others’ self-discovery and personal development.  Each of these stories will be interpreted differently and one word will mean something different to a thousand others…so please take what you need right now and allow the rest to be used by another.