I love this lemon & lime apron…  I saw this fabric and decided I had to have it and make something delightful.

I chose the coordinating lime + white polka dot fabric for the bias tape.  I knew it was a lot of work to make bias tape, but really didn’t understand.  My aunt who knows (and loves me) tried to explain the process and the amount of work involved…she lovingly tried to talk me out of making the bias tape, when I could easily sew on pre-cut, pre-measured, pre-folded, pre-pressed, pre-EVERYTHING bias tape.

BUT, because I was fully committed to (and completely in love with) the polka dot fabric…I made homemade bias tape!  Hello! So time consuming.  It was a great decision though – so cute!  This apron was a gift for a fantastic seamstress (my mom) who truly understood the labor of love…and loved the personalized tag!