You, dear ones, deserve this!
I am committed to sharing my passion for continued wellness practices, as well as personal wellness discovery!  Currently, I am focusing on:

I use of the purest, highest quality oils out there & love sharing how they support me and my life to be healthy, happy & free!

Finding peace and quiet in today’s busy world is definitely a challenge — however, it is a challenge you should take on!  Practicing stillness leads to better sleep, more focus, release of accumulated stress, increased energy & improved creativity & happiness.

Moving your body is a personal quest & is defined by you.  Find what serves you and do that.  Explore new movements or stay with those you know you love – exert yourself or stretch your body mildly.  Whatever you discover, know that movement is unparalleled in importance, for you to be satisfied with life.

Eating healthy food doesn’t have to be a chore or a punishment.  As a foodie, I love exploring new flavors, preparations and textures!  I’ve admired the beauty of food in its whole and fresh state since I can remember.  When I walk by a stand of bright red radishes at a farmers market or through a field of ready-to-harvest summer wheat, I feel deep admiration!  I’ve embraced these gorgeous ingredients in my cooking, baking and mixing for years.  I now realize that I’ve been nourishing my body and soul along the way.