What I do best:
helping you discover your best self – to feel calm, focused & ready to take on the world!

I work with a variety of people to facilitate learning and growth.

  • Professional groups looking for better ways to communicate with each other and leap to that next level of efficient and productive business
  • Friends seeking a weekend of pure relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Luxury retreats to set your mind, body and soul at ease
  • Individuals seeking clarity in her/his own life around big issues: relationships, career, family, etc.

I am flexible and always approach each task from a holistic perspective, incorporating a variety of modalities.  In each retreat or gathering, I include a personalized combination of conversations, journal work, reflection, wellness with essential oils, movement, meditation, self-expression through crafting and opportunities for full self-expression.

Reach out today to explore the ways in which you can achieve your goals.